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    Hi there!
    Is there a way to make a search within the calendar app? It was very easy with Palm OS but with WebOS2.1 I can't do it?
    Universal search would be nice to use but I would be happy just to be able to do it. I don't use google calendar - i don't want to and I'm not allowed due to security rules within my company.

    And over here in europe we are used to have/use the weeknumbers in our planning - is there a way to get these too ? (In Palm OS it was there)
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    Unfortunately not, only with Google Calendar it is possible.
    Abouth the week numbers, I think that with the Ubercalendar you can do it.
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    finally webOS 3.x can do that, let's hope it will be backported to 2.x:

    For now use the patch "Ubercalendar" for much great stuff used from older PalmOS and the "AgendaView as app" for Calendar search via Just Type - both to be found in Preware - Patch - Calendar

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