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    At least that's my thoughts!

    This is why we never get anything we want because HP took him out during the aquisition?! Knowing they would be a thorn in the transition...

    We need to form a small militant group to go behind enemy lines and get him back!

    Who's wit me!
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    Bad youtube video creators unite!
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    Agent Backlon have left us and we need some people on the inside.
    Someone willing to go undercover should contact our Australian cell who will supply Impostah credentials. Agent GFN is working on a un-lock code to get you inside the building but from there on any volunteers will be on their own.

    We also need experts to crack their secret codes. At the moment we are really struggling with the meaning of some words. Our attemps at cracking the true meaning of "make things right" is yet without result.

    This message will self-destruct in the coming months.
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    Paaaaaaalm guy!!!! You neeeeeeeed, to make anooooother videooo!!!!!
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