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    So, the device showcase on says, that the currently and soon available phones, i.e. Pre 2+3, and Veer, will be upgradable to WebOS 3 and Enyo. Is there any information as to when we should expect WebOS 3 for phones, now that the touchpad is out?

    WebOS 2(.2) doesn't provide support for Enyo apps, right? Have we seen any screenshots yet? Any appearance of WebOS 3 for phones in browser statistics?
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    If I remember correctly, 3.0 should be on phones by the end of the year. Enyo support in 2.2 is a little hazy...
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    come on guys- you're buying these new webos phones for 2.x.

    buyer beware if we are expecting 3.0 on any of these phones anytime soon. First of all, hp and palm promises or guarantees are unreliable. But the bigger problem is Att and verizon- both notororiously slow at pushing out Os updates.
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    That's wrong, MDsmartphone. You don't buy a Pre 3 or a Veer that's released with tons of bugs because it has last years software...

    you buy it for WebOS, and you wait and hope for 3.x.

    It's not wrong for any of us here to expect 3.x on our phones, even us with Pre 2's.

    All these phones are top of the line and perfectly capable of handling just about anything thrown at them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Kessler View Post
    If I remember correctly, 3.0 should be on phones by the end of the year. Enyo support in 2.2 is a little hazy...
    Makes sense to me. Assuming the dev team is focused totally on TouchPad until release date and then will have to devote resources for bugs, resources will not be freed up until July for the phones.
    Then might take 2-4 months to get Enyo on the phones, depending on all the issues so they are probably aiming for the Oct/Nov holiday season.

    The fact that we are hearing that the Pre3 will be released with 2.2 and not even the 2.3 specified in the FCC doc bolsters the assumption that the dev team has had little time to date to focus on the phones.
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    They really haven't. I know a lot of devs that have run into bugs or other issues with webOS who haven't heard anything from HP in months. They are really neglecting the phones to get the Touchpad released.

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    i think the first phone with 3.0 will be the slab coming to sprint later in the year.
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