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    I am still on a Pre- on Bell thats mildly starting to die but I hacked it up to 2.1. For the most part it runs quite well but I've never really kept much open anyways. I also feel like I have to do more luna restarts than I used to but I can live with that.

    But the point of this post is that I just properly used stacks. I just opened what I normally would openly one at a time and check, facebook,carbon, engadget, precentral, mail, calendar, memos, tasks, evernote, app catalog, preware, etc. And I grouped it up all nicely and WOW. I thought cards were great.

    Now I'm sad, I need a more powerful/efficient phone, I can only imagine how useful this would be to me if I could just use it on a regular basis and just leave stuff open generally. I need that Pre3 NOW!
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    Based on my own experience with a metadoctored 2.1 Pre-, you'll be blown away when you see it perform on a Pre+, let alone a Pre3.

    For me, the greatest subfeature of stacks is that the 'open in new card' functionality opens new cards in the stack, basically creating process stacks.

    Having multiple cards open and managing them could be a bit of a chore on webOS 1 (still leaps and bounds better than using a task manager, especially if that manager closes tasks after 20 minutes because it thinks that it's smarter than you) but on webOS 2, I constantly find myself with 30+ open cards in six different stacks, and managing it is a real breeze. Android and iOS get marginally interesting, iterative upgrades, which have been named as the #1 reason for the demise of PalmOS and the ongoing death of BlackBerry. WebOS alone seems like it's still evolving to make use of a repository of untapped potential.

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