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    I'm interested in getting a Pre3, but I have a few questions about audio playback. I use my Android phone for a small number of tasks: web browsing, email, twitter, podcasts, audiobooks and mp3 music.

    I know that there is no Audible support in WebOS now (right?), and I'm ok with that for the time being. My question is how well WebOS does with music and podcast playback. Specifically, I want to be able to listen to podcasts or music with my headphones, and use the button on the headphones to stop/pause/skip tracks.

    On some Android phones, there were problems with which program intercepted the button press on the headphones- so, I'd start listening to a podcast using DoggCatcher, for example, but it would start playing music with the music app instead of pausing the podcast. Android 2.2 largely fixed this problem, and now whatever program initiated playback would intercept the button press.

    tl;dr - If I start listening to a podcast in DrPodder, for example, will I be able to use my headphone controls? If I start listening to an album in a music app, will that also work?
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    I don't use a podcast application, so I can't help you on that, but you can certainly stop/start/skip using the headphone button when playing playing music on the Pre.
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    I've only ever used the headphone controls that are on the hands free kit that came with the Pre but yes, they do work with both DrPodder and music apps. For that set its generally press the button once to pause / unpause or press twice to skip to the next track.

    Can't comment on other headsets unfortunately.
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    I listen to both MusicPlayer Remix and DrPodder over BT headphones and the controls work equally well on both.
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    Bluetooth headphone controls also work perfectly with Koto Player and TuneIn (RadioTime).
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    I think they work in pretty much every app that does music.

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    Excellent, thanks. That makes my decision much easier.

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