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    Shows they have good taste. Miss him here, hope he gets a larger audience there. At least we can be assured of some smart webOS coverage.

    Live long and Prosper, Dieter

    Say hello to Dieter Bohn! | This is my next...
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    That's impressive. Way to go, Dieter!
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    Interesting, and congrats to Dieter!

    TIMN looks to be growing quickly.
    I see pandas.
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    I thought that might happen they have been very buddy buddy the last couple of months. Congrats!
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    Say hello to Dieter Bohn! | This is my next...

    Good luck to him! And he better do webOS right over there.
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    thanks, some more comments here in this thread:
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    That sneaky son of a gun, LOL, J/K. Congrats to him.
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    <<threads merged>> ...and kudos to Dieter!
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    there's gonna be a fight for who reviews the touchpad I think.
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    That was my first thought of where he was going. It was kinda obvious. New tech site grabbing all sorts of tech writers. Of course they would go after him. Congrats Dieter. You should get them to change that name. It's a horrible name.
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    Hey, hey hey... there are some other illustrious figures with that same first name!

    (No offense, Dieter. Congratulations.)
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    I think the name he doesn't like is "thisismynext" and not the names of any of their writers... :P
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    Nice Deiter! I am greatly excighted about ThisIsMyNext now that they have lured me in with Dieter and Topolsky! Consider bookmarked!!

    Just one last think to say to you Dieter....
    "Life is Hard... it's harder if your stupid"
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    1) for joining the site. I really hope they bring him on the podcasts. While Joshua topalsky was a webos fan, he didn't/doesn't know webos very well; It will be great having someone who really knows/understands it.

    2) I was right. (no, I never posted it). The day he left, I was shocked, and was wondering how many positions in the tech field could he find better than his current one, and the only thing I could think of was that. Now, there are probably others, but I'm not an expert, so that's the only one I was able to think of.
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    Well I guess I'll actually have to visit ThisIsMyNext more often now...

    Congrats and good luck Dieter.
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    Why did I have a feeling that was where he was going?? Congrats Dieter!
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    I remember they also brought along the Engadget show producer... which I guess would imply that they would do another video/live show once the new site is up and running. So does that mean we'll see Dieter on the new show?
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    good for him. been curious what the Engadget exiles will come up with in their new site, nice to see a webOS fan in the fold.
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