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    look here:
    HP Veer | webOS smartphone

    right at the middle of the page, there is a Veer sitting on the Touchstone. Is it possible, this is the new facebook-app with exhibition-mode!?

    And one step down, on the left side, select "Musik", you will see a picture with Black Eyed Peas, which I never saw on my Pre2. Maybe this is a kind of music store?

    Or does anybody know this screens?
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    Well that definitely looks like Exhibition mode, but I almost think it's WebOS 3.0

    The Music Store looks like Amazon MP3 to me.
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    Defiantly webOS 3.0 (no curved top bar)
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    hm, there is a second picture with fb from plain above. (two sides above the touchstone-picture)

    Wondering why I didn't see this before.

    There you can clearly see, that it's a new facebook app, while there is a screenshot of the old facebook app on the right...

    The new facebook-app is surely written for enyo, so they can't do a screenshot on webOS 2.x but have to use webOS 3.x instead...that's the reason, I think
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    I think they'll have a music store. They'll definitely have a movie store on the Touchpad. The question is if these services are provided directly from HP, or who they are partnering with to provide music/movie purchasing.

    EDIT: Actually, looking at the Touchpad page again the movies are provided by RoxioNow. Maybe Amazon MP3 will continue providing music, but HP would have tighter integration with Amazon's music locker service. That would be nice.

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