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    I've been rockin' my Launch-day Pre- on Sprint for over 2 years now but unfortunately I dropped it off my motorcycle on the way home from work tonight and it got ran over by a car. I'd really like to stay with WebOS and I'd even get a Veer if Sprint had it, but as it is I'm stuck between a rock and a hard spot.

    I can not leave Sprint, as I am tied to an employee account.

    I really wasn't even considering upgrading until WebOS came back to Sprint.

    But I'm due for a free "upgrade" (which will inevitably be a downgrade).

    What Sprint phone should I be looking at?

    Or does anyone know where I can get a cheap Pre- or Pre+ within the next few days??
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    craigs list
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    I can only tell you what I'd do:

    Get an upgrade to a high-end popular phone with your upgrade, sell it on eBay for more than you paid, and use the money to get a "Sprintified" Pre2 made for you. In the spaces between phone deliveries, etc., get a cheap beater on Craigslist.

    Sorry to hear about your Pre, man.
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    You can probably get a used Pre - off of ebay.
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    I've also seen someone on the forums in the last day or two that got a Pre replaced by Sprint. They had to go through hell with tech support and user retention as they threatened to leave Sprint if they couldn't get another Pre. Apparently potential loss of business = Sprint will make it happen
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    if only the Pre- woulda had Gorilla Glass...
    I see pandas.

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