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    Hi all,

    Here is more from Ruby on the possibility of licensing webOS for other firms to make webOS smartphones and pads....

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    May allow others to make WebOS devices: HP
    By Prasoon Kumar, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi, June 09, 2011

    May allow others to make WebOS devices: HP

    The WebOS from HP would not become a walled garden, but would not go open source either. Only those companies would be allowed to come in, who make substantial addition to WebOS ecosystem.

    HP is considering allowing other companies to make smartphones and tablets based on the WebOS but would not make it an open source operating system, its chief has said.

    "Even outside companies may be allowed to build WebOS devices if they bring something substantial to the ecosystem. The prospective partners, however, should be special and should add to the ecosystem when they come in," said the HP WebOS boss Jon Rubinstein at Qualcomm's Uplinq conference.

    The former Apple executive clarified that while WebOS would not remain a walled garden (a closed system), the operating system would not go open source either since HP was not in licensing business.

    The WebOS platform of Palm was bought over by HP some time ago, and now is the time when HP's mobile devices are soon going to come out in the market. The company recently launched its first product HP Veer to a not so good reception but is going to follow up with its ambitious products soon including HP Pre3 smartphone and HP TouchPad.

    The company has not provided any specifics about pricing or specifics of any of the products yet. The HP TouchPad is expected to be a 9.7 inch tablet, running on WebOS and competing against iPad and some other Android tablets.

    Some analysts suggest that while licensing may help in creating a bigger and better ecosystem, giving these licenses to companies which make competing products would be counter productive. Instead, the company may give WebOS to television, cars and appliances manufacturers as that would indeed make a rich ecosystem consisting of WebOS running products.
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    Ruby sez...............
    Well whatever Ruby has said in the past has been a half truth @ best.

    Hey Ruby, see, givin' ya the benefit of doubt.........
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    Either way HP has a lot of work to do and no time to get it done. I'm just happy to see that they are indeed getting the products flowing again and hope to see the numbers continue to increase with or without licensing.

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