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    So, I just got a replacement Pre minus, and am wondering the quickest way to get back to where I was before getting a replacement phone.

    I have been using Preware for 1.5 years, have been using tons of patches and beta apps, and am familiar with Save/Restore a little bit, and have noticed apps added to the Save/Restore app over time.

    1) Before handing in my old Pre, I did a new 'Save' with Save/Restore.
    2) I then copied my entire USB drive to a pc
    3) Got a replacement Pre minus
    4) Waited a few hours for my Palm Profile and official apps to reinstall
    5) Then I reinstalled Preware
    6) I'm under impression that Save/Restore backs up both official app catalogue items and beta/homebrew apps.

    So, my big questions are:
    a) Should I just install Save/Restore, then immediately 'Restore' everything ? or
    b) Do I need to manually go back into the newly installed Preware and install each of the 40 or so patches and beta/homebrew apps that I was using on my old device, and then run a 'Restore'
    c) If I need to do 'b', is there an easy way out there in the webOS universe that will help me reinstall all the preware stuff I had installed previously? aka, are we all forced to install these items from a note of which stuff we had installed?

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    Unless someone trumps me with some knowledge, it also appears that each official Palm App would have to be run/opened at least once, prior for a 'Restore' to work. Each time I've tried a restore for an individual app, it doesn't appear to work until I open the app first. So, it looks like I'll have to open each official app, plus each beta/homebrew, prior to doing a restore to all items.

    Also, of note for others looking to do this for the first time... The names of all the apps that were backed up appear in the reimported data via Save/Restore, so you can use that list as a reference to find out which Preware apps/homebrew/patches you had on your previous phone...and manually install them, open them once, then run 'Restore'.

    Although all this helps, is there an easier way out there, or am I just being silly?

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