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    Because you seem to be set to jump. So jump. You're obviously unhappy with webOS because of the App situation (your other points - battery life in the veer seems good, so does build quality; copy and paste has been in webOS since day one, dunno why that would be a reason to go with iPhone; resale value of iPhones is indeed an argument, but a self-fulfilling one because it's demand driven, and your demand is driven by it) so yeah - iOS does have a lot more apps, and a lot more good ones among them.

    Jump! *plays you some van halen*
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    I currently have a Pre2 on VZW, a wifi-only iPad2 and my employer pays for an iPhone4 for me on AT&T. I get a really good side-by-side having to carry all of them.

    Here's what I like about the Pre2 over the iPhone4 :

    1. Notifications. I loathe the notifications on the iPhone. iOS5 will help, but it still won't be as good as webOS notifications, IMO.

    2. The multitasking paradigm. There's something very clunky about the double-press of the home button on the iPhone to bring up the task-switching UI. Smaller targets to hit (icons instead of cards), can only see 4 at a time on the bottom of the screen, etc.

    3. The form factor of the device is easier for me to use with one hand. There are SO many things I find absolutely downright *****-all annoying on the iPhone from a UI perspective. The navigation is very inconsistent.. buttons are small and sometimes a real pain to press especially with one hand. One button that consistently ****es me off to no end is the "in tray" button on the bottom right of the calendar app. I can NEVER EVER press it right the first time. EVER.

    4. The keyboard. I can't get used to the iPhone keyboard no matter how hard I try.. I've had it for months, I still suck at typing on it. Forget portrait mode.. it's nearly impossible for me to type on it TWO handed, one hand is out of the question. Landscape mode is ever so slightly better but is not always an option since some apps refuse to rotate. I'll take the Pre2's portrait keyboard any day of the week and twice on Sundays.
    5. It's just more fun to use. The iPhone "feels boring" to me. I feel like I'm always jabbing at the screen.. it doesn't feel fluid.. it doesn't feel like I'm interacting with it. WebOS is much more organic and fluid with the consistent gestures.

    Now, I will say this, I like iOS MUCH better on my iPad2 than on the iPhone4. It feels much different.. I think it makes a better tablet OS than a phone OS. With the iPad2 around, the lack of apps on the Pre2 doesn't bother me. What I NEED is there, what isn't there I get on my iPad2. It's a beautiful marriage of devices, really. Best of both worlds.

    If I had a choice, I would never choose the iPhone4 over my Pre2. I just can't see myself using it as a day-to-day device.
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    I'm in a similar predicament. OP, I guess the first question to ask yourself is whether you need a new smartphone NOW. I think of phones like cars. I run my car into the ground. If a car finally breaks down, you need to get a replacement, even though new models aren't coming until fall. For me, I'm hoping that by mid-August, I can choose between a Pre3 and an iPhone 4S/5. I'm confident about the Pre3 being launched within a month, but not the iOS hardware, what with iOS 5 not even coming out until fall. If there's no new iPhone in time for my summer family trip, I might get the Pre3 to replace my aging flipphone, and wait until next year to replace my business Pixi Plus with an LTE iPhone. So I suggest waiting another month and take a look at the Pre3.
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    Honestly, with all the stupid, stupid decisions HP has made with webOS lately, just switch. If you're on the ledge, just jump. Then, you won't have to put up with the bull**** we keep getting from HP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ieko View Post
    Don't jump yet, iOS 5 isn't even out until fall.
    True, but the my Sprint contract is up, so the sooner I get a new phone now, the sooner I will be eligible to upgrade to an LTE iPhone (or some other device - still hoping HP can get back in the game).
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    Quote Originally Posted by reidme View Post
    I've been standing on that ledge for quite a while. Here's what I tell myself: "keyboard, keyboard, keyboard." I pick up one of my kids iPhones about once a week and think "I can live with a virtual keyboard." After about 5 minutes I put it down and say: "No I can't."
    Heh, I'm just the opposite. I have an android phone as my work phone and love the softkeyboard (swiftkey). I can type at least 5x faster on it than my pre, since it autocorrects even if you're only in the general vicinity of the letters you press. I wish palm at least had the softkeyboard as an option.
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