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    It seems alot of people want widgets of some sort in webOS thanks to Android.

    What if in future versions of webOS developers could implement a "widget mode" in apps that would be enabled by the user by pulling down the app menu.

    This "widget mode" would then lock the app in card view so that you couldn't accidentally close it.

    "widget mode" would also, in card mode, show a more simplified version of the app with larger text to show important information without having to maximize the app. When you tap on that card it would then open back up to the full app.

    Imagine a weather app (say the Weather Channel app) where when in "widget mode" in card view it would clearly and cleanly show just today's forcast but when you tap on it you could then use the full app.

    Or a twitter app that when in "widget mode" simply showed and updated your feed or similarly a Facebook app. Maybe even make it so you can scroll in card view.

    This would be a great way of leveraging the larger screens and higher resolution of future webOS devices.
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    Why I haven't been too excited about the ideas of widgets for WebOS is because our programs are all kindof designed to be widgets once they're minimized. It would be neat if programmers would do as you suggested though, and modify apps to LOOK more widgety, bigger text, etc. That would be pretty nifty.

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    I came up with an idea a while ago for widgets in webos.

    Basically the same look as the notification window but appearing when you swipe down from the top of the phone, in the middle at the date. (which is what you do for the Agenda patch by Sconix.

    Tap the widget and it goes into a larger single view, and the other widgets disappear.

    This way you can have a bunch of widgets with quick info, and then click on one, and a larger view shows up with more info.

    One more tap, and the widget would fill the screen like a full app with a lot more info. You could still swipe it away like a notification though with a swipe down.

    Minimized view (multiple widgets at once, very similar look as notifications)

    Tap once for larger view

    Tap again for full view

    You can swipe down from the date to get out of the widget view at any time.

    When in full view, you can swipe left and right to get to the other widgets in their full view that are also in your "minimized widget" view.

    These widgets will always show up at the top when the phone is "locked". You can still maximize and full view them while in locked mode, so you can quickly check your widgets without unlocking your phone.
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    Why in the world was this posted in the Pre3 forum?
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    something I thought of when they had the mockup contest was y can't they develop another line of cards for a future build of webos? Have more depth, could still swipe away the cards but have a layer that would b the idle, always open cards, like the weather app, and could customise that 2nd layer to b what you want... Kind of what you implemented up top

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