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    I'm over $100 but under $200...I hope. About $200 in donations. That isn't keeping me tied to webOS,'s webOS that's keeping me tied to well as Rod, Jason, and all the other people in this community that work so hard to make this the best phone out there.
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    The last time I replaced my phone, I didn't get all my apps back for some reason, and tbh, wasn't a huge deal, as I had a fair amount of useless apps that had collected. I remembered the ones I wanted/used the most and the rest wasn't an issue.

    I decided to contact PalmChat (surprised that isn't changed, but maybe that's just legacy devices that still see that), and see if they could get me a summary of what I have spent and what I have bought. I got disconnected three times and had to get back with them on my PC when I got home from work, and this is how it played out

    Sorry it's so long, but if you're interested in getting a complete list of what you have downloaded, this is how to do it.....I catch him in a couple of funny slips weird sense of humor at 5AM.
    4:30 AM Connecting...
    4:30 AM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    4:31 AM Support session established with George.
    4:31 AM George: Hello Sledge007.
    4:31 AM Me: Hello
    4:31 AM Me: Funny, are you the only one working or just luck of the draw?
    4:32 AM Me: Or does it just say George for everybody?
    4:32 AM George: Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support. Please give me a moment to review the info you provided.
    4:32 AM George: No
    4:32 AM George: Can I have a couple of minutes while I go through the previous chat?
    4:32 AM Me: sure
    4:32 AM George: Thanks for being on hold.
    4:32 AM George: I have been helping you in locating the list of applications under appctalog. Right?
    4:33 AM Me: that's right.
    4:33 AM George: I would like to inform you that it is not possible to view the list of applications on the phone.
    4:33 AM Me: that's fine, I'm on my PC now
    4:33 AM George: However there will be a list of records regarding the applications you have downloaded on the phone.
    4:34 AM George: The record will be maintained on the sever.
    4:34 AM Me: ok
    4:34 AM Me: Is there a way for me to access that record?
    4:34 AM George: I am sorry, that isn't possible, However I am able to just see the names of the applications you have installed and deleted off the phone.
    4:35 AM Me: Ok well this is now a situation, that I would hope can be resolved.
    4:35 AM Me: This IS my information, is it not?
    4:36 AM Me: As you are well aware, you can see what has transpired on my phone.
    4:36 AM George: I will explain.
    4:36 AM Me: ok
    4:36 AM George: We do not have any acecss to the calendar, contacts, tasks, memos data on the profile which was encoded.
    4:37 AM Me: that's not what I'm after
    4:37 AM George: However we can just have the number of contacts, calendar, tasks, memos or apps backed up to the palm profile.
    4:38 AM George: We do have this information only because, whenever customer deletes the information by mistake and if he wants to retrieve it, we can check the restore points to make sure which is the most accurate data to be restored.
    4:39 AM Me: Ok but what I'm after is the list of applications that I have purchased, and if it can't be isolated by purchase only, then I want a complete list of all downloaded applications
    4:40 AM Me: You said earlier that you could see what I've done, as far as downloads, on my phone. I am telling you that the last time I had to re-activate a phone, when it did it's synergy thing, it did NOT download all the apps.
    4:40 AM George: Provide the MEID number on your latest phone.
    4:41 AM Me: Which isn't a huge deal, but I want to know what I had before, as a list, so I could just go through it and redownload what I want instead of the whole 200 apps, of which I probably don't use half of.
    4:41 AM Me: ok i'm going to look here.
    4:42 AM Me: are you looking for the serial number ############? or something else?
    4:43 AM George: I am sorry, I mean the MEID number.
    4:43 AM Me: nevermind i see it hang on
    4:43 AM Me: ##############
    4:44 AM George: Thank you for the information.
    4:44 AM Me: fyi, the whole reason for this, there's a thread in Pre|Central about how much everybody has spent in apps over the last 2 years, as you should be aware of the birthday yesterday?
    4:46 AM George: Do you have the serial number of the phone?
    4:47 AM Me: I gave it to you already....scroll up that's the first number I gave you.
    4:47 AM Me: 4:42AM
    4:47 AM George: I am sorry, I mean the serial number of the previous phone.
    4:48 AM Me: No....that should all be recorded in my Palm Profile, every time I activated a new phone, wouldn't that have been done?
    4:49 AM Me: I might be able to get that info from Bell, but I would have thought that should be recorded on your end as well?
    4:49 AM George: I do have four serial numbers at my end. I am just unable to trace your last previous phone.
    4:49 AM Me: strange
    4:50 AM Me: So where does that leave us? Why is there a missing number, is it only the 4 most recent or is it specifically my last handset you're missing?
    4:51 AM Me: I'd be on the phone with Bell right now but they are closed for a few more hours yet.
    4:52 AM George: Nevermind!
    4:52 AM George: I have tried to pull a record of applications.
    4:52 AM George: I will try to copy the names of the applications and send it on our chat.
    4:52 AM Me: ok good enough I guess, thanks for the effort
    4:54 AM George: Could you please stay on hold for three minutes while I try to do this?
    4:55 AM Me: Yep I'm still here
    4:55 AM Me: was just in a different tab for a sec
    4:56 AM George: Okay.
    4:59 AM George: Thanks for being on hold.
    5:00 AM Me: ok im here
    5:00 AM George: The installed applications is huge list where in I cannot copy under this chat.
    5:00 AM George: I will do onething for you.
    5:00 AM George: I will send an Email of the list to your Email address.
    5:00 AM George: You will receive an Email to the Email address
    5:00 AM Me: cool thanks, much appreciated
    5:01 AM George: You are welcome.
    5:01 AM Me: So when does the Pre 3 release in Canada and which carrier is it going to?
    5:01 AM Me:
    5:02 AM George: I am sorry, we in chat support do not have any information regarding the future updates or releases.
    5:02 AM George: Once there is any information released, you will have the same posted on the website.
    5:02 AM Me: Of course you don't
    5:04 AM George: I have just send the Email.
    5:05 AM Me: Ok thank you again. I got it.
    5:06 AM George: You are welcome. Please check the second Email which may be good enough for you to view the list.
    5:06 AM George: Do you have any other questions?
    5:06 AM Me: Nothing you're willing to answer
    5:06 AM George: I am sorry, is that regarding Palm pre3?
    5:07 AM Me: Yes.
    5:07 AM George: I can understand how annoying this can be. But I am sorry, we are here to provide the correct information. We cannot setup any false expectations to a cusomer regarding the product unless it is announced.
    5:07 AM George: I think you can understand.
    5:08 AM Me: The only question I have is when and where for the Pre 3 but you won't tell me ....yaya...can't blame me for trying
    5:08 AM Me: just get it released already
    5:10 AM George: I understand that youíre interested in Palm pre3 smatphone, However, we donít have any specific information right now. You can find the most up-to-date info on HP USA | Mobile Products for Consumers, Professionals, and Businesses
    5:11 AM Me: hey not to bust your balls or anything, but that site has been renamed to HP USA | Mobile Products for Consumers, Professionals, and Businesses automatically redirects you.
    5:11 AM Me: HP USA | Mobile Products for Consumers, Professionals, and Businesses
    5:12 AM Me: you should update that in your script
    5:12 AM George: Yes. As that is a well know site to our customers, we are providing the website and it will be redirected.
    5:13 AM Me: ok well word on the street, ie Pre|Central is that Palm is dead and it is now HP.....that's what we want....we want the HP Pre3 and we want it now!
    5:14 AM George: Thank you for your interest towards our latest smartphones.
    5:14 AM Me: thanks for your time and that email, appreciated!
    5:14 AM George: You are most welcome. Thank you for your patience and efforts.
    5:14 AM George: Feel free to contact us whenever you need assistance. The chat support is available round the clock.
    5:14 AM Me: ok bye
    5:14 AM George: If you need more help with this issue, please refer to Chat session ID: 94098362.
    5:14 AM George: Thank you for contacting Palm and feel free to contact us for further assistance.
    5:15 AM George: Have a nice evening!
    5:15 AM Me: morning technically, but I work night shift, so kinda
    5:15 AM George: Okay.
    5:16 AM George has ended the session.
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    I think I've only donated $30-$40 to webOS Internals.

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    Including hb, prolly close to $200

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    I spent around $20. That doesn't include FlightView, which I got for free (when the Pre first came out). It does include Tweed, which is no longer supported...

    It doesn't take much to keep me satisfied, but after playing around with my brother's new LG Optimus S, I would like to see more quality apps in the catalog; Vlingo, Shazam, and upgrades to Google Maps & Sprint Nav to name a few.

    It isn't the apps that's keeping me on WebOS. It's the OS itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsanchez1 View Post
    The most I spent for an app was $6.99 for NOVA (I just had to have it).
    The most that I have spent at one time was $16.99 and that was for the Spanish lessons 1 through 10. The type of apps that have cost me the most overall, have been video games though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the2ndflood View Post
    The most that I have spent at one time was $16.99 and that was for the Spanish lessons 1 through 10. The type of apps that have cost me the most overall, have been video games though.
    Same here. I would say I have about the same amount of paid video games and paid regular apps, but the games are so much more expensive on webOS. The only good game I got cheap was HAWX, when it was on sale for $0.99.
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    Hope I'm not resurrecting a dead thread, but instead of opening a new one...

    Last night was going through my bank statement and was kinda taken aback when I saw my first page dominated with Palm Store purchases. I totaled it up to be about $67.00 give or take a $.99 app. I've got 4 more bookmarked for consideration, and waiting for a couple updates for TP support. Not sure if I should worry that I have an app addiction, but I find myself going through the app store every few hours looking for updates or new app releases :P

    Have you looked at your bank statement lately?
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    I added up all my Palm Receipt emails the other day, and it's depressing. :P

    Nearly $500 spent just in apps, apps that I'll have to re-purchase for whatever platform I'm forced to switch to when my Pre can't hold together any more.
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    About $10 to $15 at most.

    I haven't bought an app since the half price app contest over a year ago.

    Ironically, I've spent even less since moving to Android (bought one app.) Most of the paid apps I use now were either included with the device, or gotten free from Amazon's Free App of the Day deal.

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