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    Hi all,

    Apple's iOS5 borrowed extensively from webOS!

    Please sue the link to see the balance of the article.

    take care,


    Six iOS 5.0 Features Apple Borrowed From Other Devices
    By Erik Berte

    Published June 06, 2011, FOXBusiness

    Six iOS 5.0 Features Apple Borrowed From Other Devices -

    Apple certainly has a reputation for being an innovative company, but it's also taken features other companies have tried out and applied them to its own products. Here are six features in Apple's upcoming iOS 5.0 that were found in competing devices first.

    1. Over the Air Updates WebOS and Android
    If we can download updates to our apps over the air, why do we need to connect our devices to our computers to update their operating systems? Well, if you have a Palm/HP WebOS device or a Google Android phone you already can. Apple's pretty late to this game, actually. But it's certainly a welcomed feature that'll save users the hassle of having to run home to get the latest version of their iOS software
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    Yeah, you seem right. But I guess everyone "borrows", don't they.
    In fact HPalm should hurry up and borrow to. Especially widgets from android are a must have, when I look around.
    But HPalm does almost nothing. All other OSes envolve. It's sad.
    Well I hope, If the touchpad and the pre3 is out the OS gets some much need love...
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    No one cares who was first, they only care about who did it right.
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    All this time the Apple f#nb#ys have been saying that the previous IOS was superior to webOS, lol.... I knew it was coming when they hired away Palm's software engineer. In typical Apple fashion they will imply that it was there ideas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    No one cares who was first, they only care about who did it right.

    Not true. The law cares.

    Regardless, though, I'm glad iOS is trying to make their experience soemwhat more suitable to what many (but not all, admittedly) have been asking for - it raises the bar for all others...

    EXCEPT for those who alaready have it, that is.. (or, still have it even better)

    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    God-forbid if somebody copies Apple.....Blasphemy!
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    I'm still not seeing the connection that many here have claimed as copying. It doesn't matter how Apple implemented notifications in iOS 5 it would have been deemed as copying from one side or another.

    There's only so many ways it could have been implemented, at least in a fashion that would be user friendly and usable. What they've done with iOS 5 is not a dead ringer for any specific platform; you can claim influence, but nothing more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    No one cares who was first, they only care about who did it right.
    In fact, apple fans only care that they now will have it

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    The thing I wanted the most is the thing they didn't change.. The "wall of icons" home screen concept. I'd love to have a more functional home screen on my iPad .. Not necessarily widgets per-se, but at least some customizeable toggles for settings and a better task-switcher.

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