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    I've been a Palm user since almost the beginning--starting with my Palm Pilot way back when. Had every model, getting each new device as soon as it came out, and worked my way through all the Treos (well, except the Pro) as well. They were great.

    I took a bit more time making the switch to the Pre when it first came out, given some of the early issues I read about, but made the leap early last year. I came to love the OS. The hardware, however, was another story entirely--as most everyone here knows.

    I went through probably 4 or 5 Pres (on Sprint)....lost count, honestly. I had the usual issues--USB crack, oreo effect, etc. I stuck with it, though, because the OS was great and it just worked better for me than anything else out there.

    Last month, the latest Sprint Pre inexplicably decided to lose its mind while I was in northern NY in a low coverage area. It had insane battery drain, even after repeated doctors, and would not hold a charge using 3 different batteries. Occasionally, I could just BARELY get it to charge. Clearly the hardware was shot--again.

    Without any clear prospect of a new WebOS device on Sprint, I took the major step of going to the trouble and expense of switching carriers to get a Pre 2 on Verizon. New, improved hardware and new, improved software--how could I go wrong?

    Since getting the Pre 2, I've had one problem after another (not one of which I had on the original Pre):

    --Google sync works intermittently for calendars and contacts. No clear solution in sight. Google exchange sync will not work at all to the device.

    --Email works on and off. I'm getting constant "Login credentials rejected" messages.

    --Data connection seems to go to sleep and not wake up. I need to cycle airplane mode on and off to get email, web or any other internet dependent app to work--at least several times an average day.

    --GPS works intermittently. The only way to get it to work consistently is to open Google Maps and then it seems to wake up for other apps.

    --Contact pictures behave totally erratically. They're there, they're not, they come and go before your very eyes without even interacting with the device.....and with each passing day, fewer and fewer of them are there at all.

    All of this is happening despite REPEATEDLY running the WebOS Doctor....and the device already being replaced once in less than a month. Some of these problems (ie, Google sync) materialized only after switching to the second Pre 2, so that actually made things worse.

    I've tried not readding the accounts after a restore and adding them all manually, removing and re-adding, really everything short of a seance.

    All that said, Palm (well, now HP) customer support has been great (despite the lack of resolution). After my initial problems with the final Pre-, and a very unsatisfactory and downright ridiculous conversation with an online rep, I got a call from an actual person with Palm/HP who took ownership of the issues and continues to be engaged. They don't have much of a clue as to what's going on with these devices and these problems, but they are very engaged and responsive, which is nice.

    My plan all along has been to snatch up a Pre 3 and Touchpad as soon as they become available, since I had believed WebOS was the best mobile OS out there and all it needed was better hardware. Now the hardware works--more solid, snappier--but the software is failing in all my key areas (at least most of these seem like software issues).

    So, I'm at a point where I'm really not sure what to do next. I don't like Android, the iPhone or Blackberry at all. But at the end of the day, I need something that WORKS.

    Ok. Done venting. Any therapeutic or actually helpful comments will be appreciated.
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    I understand the frustration..

    How would you feel if everything worked as it should?

    Would that be perfection, or as close to perfection as you could want from a mobile OS?

    Also, you can't blame WebOS because of hardware issues. That falls on the manufacturer, not the coders.
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    Yes. I'd be a very happy camper then.

    It is still Palm/HP's responsibility, either way. The hardware and software are both their products. My myriad issues it seems have been caused by both.
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    It's computer software. Don't pledge allegiance to it.

    If it doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for you and you should look for something that does... On the other hand, ALL smartphones have their quirks, bugs and issues. The question is whether the ones on your phone bother you too much to cope with or whether they don't. If they do, look for another phone. It's simple as that
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    I don't think it is as simple as that. These aren't quirks....these are primarily basic functionality not working.
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    I helped someone put 2.1 on Pre2, they are a power email, phone , text, googlecalendar user but a nontechie. They are now satisfied, tell me the phone is "good". They are using pop email, not IMAP.
    The 2.1 script that works for Pre2 Verizon is now in the wiki, unlike when I first started the thread below, VZW navigator though not supported (see threads below and go to wiki here for instructions on 2.1 WebOS 2 Upgrade - WebOS Internals)

    I agree it is not ideal, too bad the merger took so long and the tech scene is so fast moving and complicated. We will have to see if HP gets it right with the TouchPad and Pre3 as this will be their first devices after the merger, we will have to see. Heard snippets of the latest podcast on webosroundup (link below) and the Veer user says it comes with 2.2 and does not have the problems his Pre2 has with software, a positive "pre"-sign that HP may deliver.
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    yeah i just hope the 3.0 update comes within the release of the touchpad.... if we still have to wait months for it i dont know what im gonna do. i mean what the point of getting the touchpad and veer or pre3 and not be able to use the TTS feature~!
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    If the primary and essential purpose of your smartphone is not being served, then maybe you need to consider alternatives.

    Again the alternatives may have their own set of headaches, which may make your current set of issues look minor.

    The gps is possibly fixed by a patch. And email credentials rejected if gmail is fixed by a gmail account unlock link. Search the forums, as I am not on the pc atm.
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    how many times have you doctored your Pre2?

    I've been generally happy with mine, although I've seen most of the issues you mention. It seems like doctoring always solved it. I am constantly messing with configurations so I tend to doctor often (like when switching profiles) but it would irritate me if I wasn't doctoring anyway...

    its almost like being back in the days of windows 3.1 when it seemed to degrade quickly and need a format/re-install every 2 or 3 months...

    I'm confident that 2.1 Will come to verizon soon, and I hope that solves the need to doctor when they start hapoening.

    if you can use save/restore to back up and doctor, post back and let us know if that clears up the issues you listed...
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    Yep, I am dealing with intermittent data connections that stop my mail from coming in and has my apps not working. On my 6th or 7th Pre. Lost count. Now on a brand new Pre, issues not resolved, back to Sprint........ issues not resolved. I believe by now it to be a network coverage issue. But we are still in the back & forth stage with Sprint. Being in the middle of Chicago close to an express way should not give me these issues but do. If so another device would not solve it. Another carrier might. Lets see what Monday will bring when the conversation continues....... I've spent considerable amount of time on this issue and do not feel they understand that.
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    if its network dude, either get the airrave or switch to verizon...
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    I am digging the Veer. After talking to Ryan St. Andrie about his Pre2, I get a feeling that there was a pretty substaintial hardening in 2.1.2 (or whatever it is) VS 2.0.x. I hope this solves some of the buggyness seen in 2.0.x but if you don't like small (but powerful) Veer, then yes, I really think the Pre3 will be what you've always wanted webOS to be.

    EDIT: just saw the statement about network coverage. makes this sorta moot for you but hey, if it is the network then maybe at&t ain't so bad
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    I've doctored the current device at least twice. The previous Pre 2 was doctored probably a half dozen times.

    The problems weren't corrected, and in fact, new ones continued arise.
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    if are in one of the few places that desnt have great coverage, and you can stand at&t meaning thei coverage isn't worse) the I'd grab the Veer. It is awesome hrdware, best keyboard from Palm eve (until the Pre3 ships) and webOS is sufficiently baked.

    if you have to stay on vzw, mye you want to try the approach of metasdoctoring to 2.1

    I'm too chicken to try that...
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    My voice phone is AT&T and the coverage is ok here. I am definitely not keen on trying the metadoctoring. I read through the directions after the initial response to my post and it seems a little much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeElmendorf View Post
    My voice phone is AT&T and the coverage is ok here. I am definitely not keen on trying the metadoctoring. I read through the directions after the initial response to my post and it seems a little much.
    can you return the Pre2 to verizon and get the veer on ATT? if not, the metadoctoring is your best bet as it seems to cut down dramatically on bugs, I was able to do it with a macbook.
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    I have a Pre2 from VZ and other than a few bugs am having no problems. Didn't have the problems with my Pre +. You are one unlucky dude to have so many issues, phone after phone.

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    Bluenote - I'm committed to Verizon at this point.
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    Would be difficult to go back to a PrePlus without doctoring to 2.1 as your profile was updated to 2.xx when you jumped to the VZW Pre2.

    Your cheapest move right now would be either to to doctor your Pre2 to 2.1 (you can pm me for some help if you need)
    To wait it out until VZW releases the Pre3 and in so doing makes 2.3 available also to the Pre2. You've waited this long, my guess is you have less than 2 months more to wait as it will probably get released by "end of summer" or maybe a month or so after TouchPad.
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    Thanks, Bluenote, for the thoughtful and helpful replies. I will look over the meta doc instructions again. I have another call with HP tomorrow so will see what they say.
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