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    Hello everyone:

    So I am planning on giving a talk on webOS at The Ohio Linuxfest and I am brainstorming for topic ideas. I was thinking about discussing Enyo and how easy it is to develop apps using that framework. However if any of you have better ideas, please hit me up here. I'd like something to work with by Wednesday so I can submit a draft proposal on time. Thanks.

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    Though I am a day 1 Pre- Sprint user, I don't know webOS well enough except for its ease of use. The user interface, the notifications, the genius of cards & stacks & of course the Just Type. It just seems natural to me vs the 30 days I spent using an Android device & having to spend time figuring things out or why it took 2 to 3 steps to do what I did w/a single gesture.

    Developing & Enyo would be a great topic. Have fun!
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    How about including some time for demo'ing webOS functionality. Could be a good intro or way to finish up the talk. Especially nice if you can rig up some kind of large screen display of the phone like they do at the conventions.
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    I would talk about the user experience, and how much thought went into the card metaphor and other conventions that make up webOS. It was so clever and so well vetted that it still works without compromise, and it's still the standard that people discuss when talking about advances by other platforms. Cards and notifications are still better than anyone else.

    I'd also talk about open platforms, how Palm designed webOS with "dev mode" to make things easy for developers, and how they don't have to work against "jailbreaking" and "rooting' because the webOS architecture isn't prone to the problems that would be caused if it was necessary for homebrew access to Palm devices.

    Lastly, you might want to talk about Preware. It was possible because of Palm's forward-thinking architecture, but it was brought about because of homebrew developers that understood how to build a secure and scale-able delivery platform to leverage Palm's open architecture. No other platform has anything as secure, safe, or adaptable as what is possible because of Preware. And beyond it's quality and architectural soundness, it is available to every single webOS user at no cost. And the user community has raised many thousands of dollars to cover the costs of operating it so they can keep raising the bar. It's a unique intersection of a great opportunity that Palm provided, some visionary homebrewers who grabbed the opportunity, and a passionate user community that contributes enthusiasm, money and resources to make it all worth doing. (It still amazes me that PC is only about 2-1/2 years old and it has over 450,000 members. They've grown at least 150,000 since I joined, and it has become a legendary community). I think if you explore Preware, you will see that no other platform has (or probably could have) anything like it.

    Depending on the nature of the audience, I think those might be good topics for you...
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    Those are all excellent ideas. Cantaffordit, your answer was exceptionally detailed and has really given me a booster shot in the brainstorming department. Many thanks to everyone else as well for their suggestions.


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