I'm wondering if anybody else has experienced this. It's rather strange. Over the past month, I've noticed that a certain type of spam email will totally lock up the email account which received it.

I have five IMAP email accounts set up on my Pre minus. They are from my domain name, not a commercial one like gmail, yahoo, etc. Whenever a particular type of spam message comes across, that particular account locks up and won't receive any more email while the other accounts continue to work without a problem.

I've done all the obvious things like deleting the email on the Pre and tried the sync/refresh button numerous times. The offending email never deletes off the Pre or the IMAP server, it actually reloads back onto the Pre. The yellow triangle error icon continues to show up in the top corner and the account is pretty much locked up from that point forward. The yellow triangle gives me the date/time it last updated from the server so I know that's the timestamp of the message which hosed things up.

The only way I can clear the error is to use Outlook on my laptop or log into webmail to delete the message. Once the message has been deleted, everything syncs back up without any problem and the account works just fine.

I've taken a look at these email messages on Outlook and tried to tell what characteristic may be causing this issue. There's no file attachments. Perhaps a few embedded images which sometimes don't download on Outlook. McAfee finds nothing wrong with the message it's contents. The only pattern I can find is they one embedded image followed by a short line of text then two more embedded images.

I'm assuming it's caused by something in the message. I suppose it could be just the Pre glitching out. I thought it was worth sharing to see if anybody else has experienced it or may have some insight how to solve the mystery.