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    Hi all,

    We were also caught up with the twin discussions of yesterday, Leo on AllthingsD and Ruby at Upling, that this story feel between the cracks. North of the border, Jennifer Safruk, VP of the webOS platform at HP

    Please use the link for the rest of the article.

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    Canadian Telecom Summit 2011: HP Has Big Plans for webOS
    Christine Persaud

    Canadian Telecom Summit 2011: HP Has Big Plans for webOS

    Published: 06/02/2011 05:13:52 PM EST in Cellular / Wireless

    In the crowded smartphone/tablet landscape, HP is arguably one of the last companies one might think of. Indeed, the first question I received upon listing the panelists for the Smartphones, Tablets, and TVs, Oh My! Panel at the Canadian Telecom Summit was why HP was present. But the company, which purchased Palm late last year, has some big plans for that space.

    Jennifer Safruk, Vice President of the webOS platform at HP, who moved over to the company from the Palm team, confirms that indeed HP's purpose for purchasing Palm was to get its hands on the webOS platform.
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    I saw it. The best line was that the licensing could be for tvs or dashboards inside cars. But I wasn't sure if that was a quote from HP or the writer. I suppose we will find out more at HP Discover if anything is in the works.

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