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    I was partying on the lake this weekend, appreciating the freedoms our service members all over the world have given us (God bless them all), and in my drunken bliss I jumped off the boat without removing my Pre- from my pocket. Doh!

    Luckily a buddy had one he doesn't use, and just gave it to me. Activated it, and now have all of my CONTACTS, my APPS, my CALENDAR entries, my NOTES and my TASKS. I homebrew, and use my phone HEAVILY. This is not my first rodeo. Seriously though, how sweet is that?? Didn't skip a beat.. How many other platforms can do this???? It seems that people forget to mention this one when marketing, or just talking-up WebOS..

    Sprint did screw me with the additional $10 added to my service plan, and I pumped them for any WebOS info with the usual inconsistent dribble as responses (not even going to mention them here; there's a thread for that and, frankly it's not worth the time.. haha)
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    Thanks, that explains it! Guess I need to re-familiarize myself with the competition. It's been a while. Would probably help me stay balanced, just haven't had any interest since WebOS does what I need.. the way I need it.
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    iOS does this, but not nearly as nicely.

    You have to connect the phone to itunes. My buddy forgot to enable backups in itunes and so he lost everything when his iphone was stolen. Its not as "seamless" as WebOS.

    cut the embilical cord already Apple.

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