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    Does anyone else have issues when they try to get music on to their webOS device? I have a Pre 2 and when I sync music, often it doesn't get recognized by the native music app, koto player, or music remix. It's on the device if I go into device mode and into the music folder but I'm not actually able to see it through any music apps. I'm using Salling Media Sync and I've tried Doubletwist. What happens is I end up having to wipe my device and start all over to get the music on and it's getting extremely frustrating. I sync from iTune.
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    The media indexer on 2.x has a habit of quitting, which means your music stops showing up when you add it (or disappearing when you delete it). There have been some suggestions that changing the logging levels may be making the problem worse, idk.

    The current method of fixing it is generally to mark your music folder as hidden (you can do this via Internalz by hitting the Mask from webOS option on the folder info screen) and then marking it as unhidden after the indexer kicks up (you'll know it's started because your music files should start disappearing in your music player).

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