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    Around the Veer's launch date, many people were disappointed that there were no ads, salespeople had no clue and generally there has not been that much of anything PRPRPR $related$, $at$ $least$ $that$ $was$ $my$ $impression$.

    But now they are really doing a lot, from the top of my head:
    Salespeople get a free printer and a free Veer
    D9 attendees get a free Veer
    They gave away free Veers in the subway and promoted webOS (and Lady Gaga, meh)
    There have been the webOS Connect Paris and Berlin events
    The Touchpad has been shown off controlling home appliances (at some conference I believe)
    They were promoting webOS at Cannes
    They will be sponsoring that Muther/Hackathon event
    Devs who created Touchpad apps can get a free TP
    Now the TV ads are starting
    It's safe to say by now the some pretty huge retailers will carry the TP (though I don't live in the US, so correct me if this is wrong)

    I'm sure there were more promotions that I can't remember right now, but I have to say that list is already pretty impressive and HP is really showing their strength.

    What do you think?
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    While all that is well and good, I think the "PRPRPR $Push$&$quot$; $has$ just started, as of last nights TV commercials. It's one thing to have an ad on a subway, one thing to have an ad on Youtube. I don't ride transit, can't remember the last time I did TBH, but I would think if I was stuck on some over-crowded train, I'd be staring at my own phone (Pre in my case, but for sake of argument, each to his own right?)....

    Youtube...who really reads the ads there, or any website for that matter? I ignore almost all ads, if I haven't already blocked them.

    Television is where it's at. You're sitting on your couch watching whatever show it is you're watching, and the ads, with their blaring audio that, if you're like me watching TV in 5.1, some of those ads can wake you up off the couch. I'm not much of a surfer when it comes to TV so half the time, I just sit through them. It's now Day 2 of TV Time for HP.....The Push is On.
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    Hey, if you were on a subway doing a commute like you've done every day for 10 years, you would stop looking at your phone whenever anything out of the ordinary happens (and Gaga dancers are WAY out of the ordinary).

    If this is them just starting, I can't wait to see what they have for the Touchpad.

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    Dancers, yes.....signs stuck on the ceilings....not so much. That also happened in one city, NY where (never been there before) I'm sure nothing is surprising, to a certain extent Now if they were hitting subway's nationwide, continent wide....that would be something else.
    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2 about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    What push are you speaking of? If it were not for PreCentral I would have absolutely no idea about Veer, TouchPad, and Pre3. If what you have identified as "The Push" is all that is coming, the reception for HP will be less than meh by the public.

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