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    I changed ESNs on my Sprint account (to a Taho) and then changed my cell phone number.

    I just reactivated my Pre and was able to get text and voice working but have not been able to get 3G going.

    I did metadoctor to 2.1. ##3282# brings up a menu, hit restore, then nothing happens.

    Do I need to doctor back to 1.4 or is there a way to get this going without the hassle?
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    not that this will help, but just adds to the knowledge out there. about a week ago I lost my 3G data via cell radio also, been trying to figure out why. No luck with Sprint customer reps after 3 days, waiting to head to a Sprint store in a few days to see if they can do anything for me (not that I expect any of them to know what webOS even is...) I've been perusing these forums, and there's been a handful of peeps with 3G data loss on Sprint. I've been on 1.4.5 for a while, never went to 2.1 (on a Pre Minus)
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    hmmmm, i'm wondering if this is a webOS bug of some sorts? even possible? Since my 3G dropped a week ago, I've been reading forums like crazy, and I've now come across people on multiple carriers, and multiple versions of Pre, and different versions of webOS. I've seen people post in Sprint forums, people on the Palm forums, and some people here all mention a total blackout of their cell data connections. Please, if you've experienced this, post in this thread, so we can all benefit if someone figures this out. HP reps have told me to contact carrier, my carrier suggest might be an HP thing. ugggh
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    When I was on 1.4.5 with my Sprint Pre minus, for a while my 3G connection was dropping out constantly. In areas I normally had full 3G service, it would drop to 1x (2G) for a period of time. I found that by going into the preferences in the phone app (by swiping down from the upper left corner of the phone app), and scrolling down to select the option to refresh the network settings and then updating the PRL, it would fix the problem.

    Hope this helped.

    [[EDIT]] I am now using a Sprint FrankenPre2, created from my Sprint Pre- and a GSM unlocked Pre2, running webOS 2.1, created using the meta-doctor from webOS Internals.
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    Doctored back to 1.4.5 and was able to reprogram with no issues.

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