I would like to give my Pixi Plus to a friend for a couple of weeks. Of course, I would like to remove my email, facebook etc. credentials as well as my Palm ID from the device. Other kinds of data, like music and photos, are not really confidential and can just stay on the device.

Ideally, after getting back my device I would like to restore my credentials and my Palm ID and then just continue using it as before. Can this be done at all?

So far I've tried making the "First Use" app visible again and running it. I see a nice blue sky on the screen, but nothing happens. Is this because the device is already bound to a Palm ID?

Option two would be reset and restore, but I am a bit unsure on what to do exactly and if this really works, i.e. will I have my phone in the state it was before, i.e. with all patches and apps installed?

I would appreciate some advice....