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    Thankx in advance . . .I've cautiously waited for for the WebOS guru's to work out details of putting 2.x on the Pre -/+'s and comfortable the bugs have been worked out.

    I'm confident with the AWESOME details on 'how to' on this page, I could make my PRE - into a 2.x piece of equipment.

    My question is this . . . for those who are on PRE -/+'s that have made the leap to 2.x, is it really worth it? If my Day1 PRE- wasn't so beat up, I'd probably be satisfied with just having the Govnah speed and my 1.4.5.

    Is it really worth it? What am I really missing? (other then being as kewl as those who have already done so)

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    Its pretty amazing, but I felt like it needed to be overclocked to run smoothly on my pre-. I recently created a sprint pre+ and put 2.1.0 on it and its fluidity amazes me. I haven't overclocked it at all. If you're going to do it, the extra 30-40 bucks is worth it in my opinion. Just type is my favorite feature of 2.1.0. And now there is so much homebrew support I don't think you can go wrong.
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    Just Type is a great feature and really customizable.

    I use voice dialing a lot too-especially in the car over BT.

    Stacks has grown on me. At first I wasn't too impressed but now see the huge advantage of organizing cards in groups.

    Speed is great on overclocked Pre+.

    Would definitely recommend the upgrade.

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    I bit and did it just this past week on my VZW Pre+. It's been _mostly_ a fun ride. 2 things on my side that stink:

    1. 1Reader Pro is broken under WebOS 2.x. The developer did his due diligence in trying to get it to work under 2.x, but it would only work for him in emulation. When he took it to the hardware, it would crash. :-( I really liked being able to use my 1Password keychain in WebOS, and it synced with DropBox, too. Guess I'll have to buy 1Password for my iPod Touch. No offense to the developer, he really tried to make it work.

    2. I've added ÜberKernel to WebOS 2.x, and it's made it rock. I've discovered a problem with using Screenstate 250/800 in Govnah, however. My phone would lock up oftentimes when coming up from sleep to full throttle. When using a 500/800 or 500/1000 screenstate, however, the problems don't exist. I haven't taken the time to investigate whether 250 MHz is an issue overall for overclockers on WebOS 2.x. I had no problems with it under

    I would recommend the upgrade. Voice Dialing is very convenient. I'm hoping to be able to jump onboard with newer applications written for WebOS 2.

    As you no doubt can surmise, YMMV. :-)
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    I forgot to enable overclocking for about a week and found 2.1 surprisingly usable stock.

    The messaging app sucks, though.

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