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    I ripped a load of my CDs into AAC+ format and copied them to my Pre- running 2.1.

    When browsing the albums the track listing is in a random order! they are not sorted by tag # or alphabetically.

    And before anyone asks, shuffle is NOT turned on.

    I have checked that all the tracks are tagged correctly, and they are.

    This issue is with the default media player and koto player.

    Has anyone else had this issue?
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    For MP3s, the built-in music app displays songs in album track order (based upon the track ID3 tag). I haven't tried AAC+ so I can't say if there's an issue with them or not. I'd verify the tracks on your device (not your computer, your device) have the correct track numbers listed in the tags.
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    Yes, it's a media indexer issue. What happened for me is that it was starting in the middle of the it was in the correct order, but like the fifth song was first. I had to re-do everything to fix it. I ended up syncing it with Banshee, which also makes my albums display in chronological order in MPRemix and Koto (not the stock player, though). Bonus benefit.
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    Well I'm copying the tracks in USB mode. Is there a way to do this to get them in the correct order?

    This is really poor if the music indexer is ignoring the track # tags!

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