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    Well, since HP desire to be like Apple and even better, I think there are some essential things in webOS which need a strong attention in order to get the same lever of user experience, that iOS have (I don't like iOS overall, but it's polished very well):

    1) scrollbars in every scrollable content (lists etc.) just to have an idea how much content is there
    2) scrolling in iframes in the browser (!!!!!!)
    3) distinguish sms alerts and IM alerts. I want to have a sound alert on receiving an sms, but I don't want one receiving every text line while having a chat with someone
    4) decent select/copy/paste. Non-editable texts as well, please.
    5) search within a webpage
    6) I still have some animation glitches with stacks of cards
    7) glitch, which erases all the Alarm app settings if I swipe alarm notification out. This alarm icon on the bottom isn't that good idea as well.
    8) do I really need an internet connection to, let's say, delete an app? Software Manager doesn't work without the internet.
    9) letter shortcuts for lists (contacts etc.). I really, really want to have an option not to slide out the keyboard every possible time.
    10) the bottom of cards on HP Veer (Pixi?) is behind the background area of quick launch icons. Awful solution (?).
    11) Mail app doen't recognise calendar files (*.ics)
    12) no way to send (share) a contact as a plain text

    I bet this list could be much longer, If I don't have all these wonderful patches I have thanks to Preware.

    And there are some things you all are aware of, I believe. Things, where webOS sucks:
    1. Syncing. iOS sucks too, but you have at least a functional and free tool for it.
    2. Maps / Navigation
    3. Music and video. No solution for streaming your content to HiFi/Movie theater (essential for the TouchPad)
    4. Offline dictionaries
    5. Multilingual support (non-latin). Yeah, physical keyboard, I know.
    6. Phone app. It's damn slow for its purpose.
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    i totally agree with the syncing issue.
    i wish there was a syncing application, i hate to have to rely on google to sync my contacts between my machines.
    even better, they should make more use of the palm profile and make it accessible and editable on the palm profile website. all those enyo apps supposedly run great in a browser, so why not have the same contacts and calendar apps as on your webos device with all your data synced available on the palm profile website. and make that syncable with google / outlook / osx adress book / evolution / kontact / ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkvs View Post
    3) distinguish sms alerts and IM alerts. I want to have a sound alert on receiving an sms, but I don't want one receiving every text line while having a chat with someone
    You can have different settings for SMS and IM, I thought it was standard, but it's probably with Sconix's mega advanced patch.
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    just put the battery (power management) as the top priority
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    I just purchased a GSM Pre Plus to try out in high hopes of moving from WM 6.5. I can't believe how limiting webOS is compared to WM 6.5. Sure, I love the webOS interface and multitasking but it stops there. I can't believe you need to spend over $45 for a solution to sync with Outlook. How do they expect business users to adopt the webOS without a native Outlook sync solution! I was very excited to try webOS, but after less than a week, I'm back on my Tilt 2 (WM 6.5) wondering which direction to go.
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    That's the biggest thing turning me off of webOS right now. I live and die by tasks, and Outlook is the only thing I've found in which I can keep my calendar, tasks, contacts, and email organized and integrated on my computer. I really dislike several things about the current setup as I understand it: I won't be able to thoroughly sync that information without shelling out a significant amount of money; I won't know the sync will always be perfectly accurate; and I likely will have to use the Cloud (cringe at Google) instead of simple, direct, and secure USB or Bluetooth to get an inferior result.

    I love the look of the interface, I used to love my iPaq and Palm Desktop, and I want to want and to feel good about buying the new hardware this summer, but I'm so far really disappointed. Didn't this used to be the best productivity platform out there? Are tasks really not considered by any major developers productivity tools anymore? Am I missing something about Veer or Touchpad that would make me feel better about investing in them?
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    This isn't exactly an issue but...

    I wish WebOS had a more "meshy" UI. I kind of wish everything didn't have curved edges and I wish it was less glossy.

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