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    It appears the gap between the two OS's is not only slimming but likely going to tip. I'd like to compare the two

    webos still has an advantage as far as gestures and notifications very clearly, and it seems calendar is also better on webos. But multitasking, and synergy are really just about equal if not better on windows phone (profile syncing) Like webos 3.0 wp syncs photos with Facebook and also skydive. It also syncs albums as are on computer, meaning subfolders and all. windows phone also has some powerful services such as bing vision, bing audio, voice navigation via bing maps, location scout, zune music, xbox live, and bing search. Webos wins with universal search and just type but there are also features about the new update we still don't know so this could change. The main point, less advantages of webos vs wp. (once mango update comes out) will windows phone eventually tip and completely overtake webos? (meaning have all advantages of webos and more)? Discuss I love webos, but I'm starting to wonder where it will fit. Windows phone is clearly taking on everyone. Webos with interconnectivity and social, google with superb services including bing vision (like google goggles), bing audio (like shazam) bing navigation, and location scout for finding poi. It's also taking on apple In media with zune player, zune sync software, zune movies, zune music, and xbox live. It's also starting to take on rim with great threaded and group messaging, email, and ms office onboard as well as supposidely great security and exchange support.
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    Please excuse my grammar,i may be using a virtual keyboard or I just am in a rush.

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