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    I went to check out some videos on you tube and the top add on the home screen is the HP Veer. Seems like there starting to give her hell in advertising finally.
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    and the back page of the new york times
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    And good dev pricing... I'm still waiting for more TV ads though
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    wait until HP has an ecosystem of products out.

    Once they have an entry-level (veer) business-class (Pre3) and entertainment phone (stingray) out on the market alongside the tablets (10" and 7"), printers and PCs, not to even mention the obvious toasters, I have a feeling we're going to start seeing threads like "please make it stop! I can't see these annoying commercials anymore! Can't they use the money for better things??"
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    There is also the subway thing that may or may not be related to the Lady Gaga picture next to it.
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    I don't think these categories are necessarily correct. Veer could be a great business phone, and the Pre3 is more of a geek phone.

    Business types don't spend a lot of time watching movies or playing games or surfing the web on their phone. A small device that has contacts, scheduling and email is ideal for business - remember the Palm V?

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