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    For a while, I was getting a confirmation dialog when deleting an app in 2.1. It must have been a patch, I am assuming, because on my new device it is not doing that anymore.

    Does anyone know if this was a patch?
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    I don't recall any patch like that. It would depend on how you tried to delete them what you would see. It would also depend on if they are apps from the catalog, or the standard apps that come from the phone. What are you trying to to delete?
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    To be more clear, I am referring to deleting an app from the launcher by holding the "orange" button and tapping the app. Normally what happens is that the info dialog pops up, with a delete button. Tapping the delete button deletes the app immediately. This works for either App Catalog apps or homebrew apps.

    For a while, with 2.1 installed on my Pre minus, after tapping the delete button, I was getting an additional dialog asking me if I was sure. I am sure it must have been a patch. Has anyone else seen this?
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    1.4.5 has advanced configuration for app launcher, don't know if 2.0 has it

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