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    For those of you wondering what file types WebOS 3.0 will allow to play as audio, they are listed here: TouchPad | Laptop TouchPad, TouchPad Computer

    They are listed as footnote 9.

    ... DRM-free MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, QCELP, and WAV
    AMR - Speech codec for GSM spectrum
    QCELP - Speech codec for CDMA spectrum
    WAV - Windows codec for audio
    MP3 - Commonly used codec for music
    AAC - Another popular codec for music

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    Would be nice to see FLAC there too as it is common for uncompressed music
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    I am glad to see the extended list of audio formats. I have several audio files that did not transfer to my Pixi+ as they are not compatible with the stock music player.
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    They didn't really add any audio formats. The only ones were AAC+ and eAAC+ if I recall.

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    I'll be interested to see if this is OS based or if there's specific hardware support for various codecs.

    Why do I wonder this? Because the Pre has always played a lossless format, even though Palm never advertised it. I'm listening to an Apple Lossless track on my Pre- right now, just to verify that it still plays ALAC on WebOS 2.1, which I'm happy to confirm that it does. If the TouchPad plays ALAC as well, well, then it'll be the first non-Apple device I've considered for music since I made the switch to iPod 5 years ago (used to be a MiniDisc and then Sony mp3 player guy).

    I'm not surprised that ALAC support was never advertised... Palm had a bunch of former Apple guys and were causing the Pre / Pixi to spoof an iPod in order to sync directly with iTunes (which perhaps would cause the device to require ALAC support, I don't know.) There don't seem to be a ton of people who care about using ALAC, and certainly advertising it might again raise some eyebrows at Apple (unless by chance they are licensing it from Apple).

    In any case, I'd love it if ALAC playback support stuck around, even if it continues to be undocumented
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    Audio and video decoding is performed via hardware, so updates can only be done if the DSP chip mananufacturer adds them (the the request and funding of HP for device-specific chips). Support can be added via software, but not as efficiently/effectively, and HP probably isn't going to bother with that.
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    FYI: Just tested ALAC (Apple Lossless) on the TouchPad. Plays fine in the default TouchPad music app. This makes me happy-- I don't have to keep a separate AAC file of my lossless rips if I want to listen to them on the TouchPad.

    (I dragged and dropped the files in USB mode-- have not touched HP Play yet, so I'm positive there's been no conversion to a playable format unless the TouchPad were doing that on the fly-- which I very much doubt.)
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    does it support ogg? is there any homebrew patch to add support for it?
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    I've played back Ogg Vorbis on my Pre 2 using Audiophile. The problem I have is getting the indexer to recognize the file. Also some problems with scrobbing.
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    I am a little shocked that after 2 years webOS still does not have WMA support. There are hundreds of radio stations we can't listen to because of this. I've searched the webs but haven't found an explanation as to why this insanely popular format is not supported.

    Does anyone know why we can't get this?

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