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    Hi, I am getting a Nook Color soon, and I'm definitely going to put Honeycomb on it, though I haven't looked into the process yet.

    Ideally, though, I'd put webOS 3.0 on it once the webOS Doctor comes out. I am not entirely computer adept, but I did manage to get webOS 2.1 on my pre-. Is anyone familiar enough with the porting process on the Nook Color to let me know if it'll be feasible?
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    I seriously doubt it is possible. webOS 2.1 is possible on the Pre - because it still runs webOS and can use the bootloader.
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    Great idea.. Don't think its possible without an incredible amount of work..

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    Yep. I just realized the nook is already running on an android OS. I previously thought it was running on some kind of miscellaneous OS

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