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    Using MHS quite a bit and since I might soon preorder a Pre3 im curious if anyone know if Mobile HotSpot is already installed on the device?
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    I am sure it does but it won't be free like Pre Plus in Verizon. They will charge you $20 per month. However, i think you can install freetethering app from preware. I don't think it's legal but everyone does it. I think someone said in Sprint, freetethering app is legal.
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    why should it be installed on the device?
    Everyone who wants it and whose carrier allows it can get it for free in the App Catalog.
    Everyone who wants it and whose carrier doesn't allow it should vote with his wallet and switch carriers to one less eager to screw over customers.

    I'm betting Euros against Dollars that the moment HP starts shipping MHS and other assorted apps out of the box will be the moment people start moaning about "crapware" and "bloatware" destroying their experience as is "typical for HP"
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    That's usually up to carriers. But... uhhh.. Freetether!

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