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    ok, there a couple of us here that are having problems recently. the facebook chat spoof/patch no longer works for our 1.45 pre's. we doctored, reinstalled, rolled back previous versions, and still no luck. please help, i really like this function, and cant quite figure out the issue.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Me 2 , tryed just about everything you wrote here , except buy a new phone
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    Well everything Facebook on my phone has been acting screwy lately. Probably has something to do with their privacy settings or something.
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    From what I've read from (several) other threads, I'm figuring Facebook changed the server IP for the chat interface. I could be wrong, of course. -.- Until there's a solid answer and not the back & forths I keep reading, I'm just leaving it alone. Especially since I'm mostly only reading that it doesn't work now. >.<
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    Facebook is constantly updating their service and adding new things. The new messaging layout I think is their most recent change, and is probably responsible for breaking chat on apps that were written before the change.

    Just have to be patient and wait for the apps to catch up with FB.
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