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Most every smart phone user I know cares about what they can do with their phone, not the clock speed or the amount of RAM/ROM.
Was this an argument for the Pre3? Because if it is not about the specs, but about "what they can do with their phone", then it is about the apps.

While I COMPLETELY agree there are a lot of crap apps in Android/iPhone, the fact is that there are a LOT of apps. It is also true that the majority of users have about 15 - 20 apps that they regularly use, but not everyone uses the same 15 - 20 apps. It is about diversity.

While I love webOS, I really enjoy Android too. I may be back to webOS in the future, I hope HP pulls it together and makes webOS a success. I think competition is the best thing for the market.

Unfortunately HP seems to be going about this all wrong -- or should I say all wrong again. They are repeating the same mistakes that Palm made. There is one big thing in common -- Rubenstein. He is leading webOS at HP the same as he led it at Palm and look where that got him (and webOS).

They talk a big talk about pushing into the enterprise, etc. But if you can't deliver it is just all talk. Even getting all of HP to use it isn't good enough, unless they can market and sell it to others it will remain in its niche market.