Unfortunately my wife's Pre was damaged. (screen had spiderweb cracking) This affected how she could use the phone and was beginning to upset her. Once we noticed the issue she went into Verizon to get a new phone. She was looking to get a Pixi as she was tired of the slider (and it's hard on her hands)

Unfortunately all they had was the Pre 2 although she looked at it she decided against it. She began walking around and found the Samsung Fascinate(galaxy s) She loves the feel of it which surprised me and she is in love with swype. This of course has brought me to my issue App Envy. If I had just a small portion of the Apps that Android has it would make my working life much easier and be able to work from wherever I am.

2) I'm very bummed about all the updates that have come out for WEBOS but none of them for 1.4.5 or even upgrading the legacy systems. Yes HP said they would make it right i'm just wondering when that will be. Any type of information would be grateful. I was even contacted by a HP Business manager and I told him my stipulations on buying 2-4 Touchpads. His answers weren't reassuring.

Thank you for letting me vent. I have 6 months before I can update anyways so only time will tell what will happen by then