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    I was doing some thinking when I heard the Pre3 had passed CDMA FCC testing. Then to find that it's actually a world phone!! I think that Sprint would have really benefitted from such a transaction. Now I believe AT&T will have an exclusive on the phone (well maybe not since the deal isn't truly done). The Pre3 coming out as a world phone and possibly '4g' (t-mobiles words not mine) should really turn HP's head. Sprint with their battery zapping CDMA/WiMax system would not look like a fit for my new phone if I were HP. Don't get me wrong, I want it to be on Sprint (been here for over 12yrs) because I do think HP owes us a little bit for sticking with this platform even though the hardware was total Anyway....had to get that off my chest. Sprint....make a HP move please.....anytime now!!!!
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    AT&T benefited from it. As Sprint says about the merger, "competition is American." Any large carrier merge is bad IMO.
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