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    I have a sprint Pre 2 with webos 2.1 and I have noticed that when I receive email the alert goes off for every email instead of how it did on 1.4.5 where if it checked email and there were 4 new emails it would just give one notice at the end...anybody experience the same thing?

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    yes, it does that for me as well. It drives me crazy.
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    Do you have it check for new emails as they arrive? I have it set to that. Personally, I like knowing as soon as I have a new email, but you can have it check on a specific time interval if you want.

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    My Verizon Pre Plus with 2.1 does that also, I thought I was going crazy but it's good to know it does it to other people too. Come on HP! Where's WebOS 2.2? Or even just 2.1.1?
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    Yeah kinda funny, I have a sound it plays for new emails and if four or more emails come in it sounds like a billy goat...
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