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    i just got a email from and no update anytime soon but maybe some good news on Pre 3, read

    The latest software update for the Palm Pre WebOS was issue in December
    2010 to WebOS 1.4.5. We currently have not gotten an Update from HP
    regarding new software at this time.
    Sprint has not made any announcements as of yet regarding the Palm Pre
    3. There are quite a bit of excitement stirring regarding this device
    and we are taking your feedback very seriously. Thank you for taking the
    time to provide your feedback to Sprint regarding this matter and know
    that your feedback is appreciated.

    See the "quite a bit of excitement stirring regarding this device"
    maybe sum good news for Sprint, lets just hope.
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    As long as Sprint customers keep asking for new WebOS devices there will be hope.
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    I believe there not going to leave us in the cold, they like every other carrier has to wait for Hp to make there move but my pre is about dead.

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