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    one of the most amazing things of webos2.1 that it supports right to left languages like arabic but with little modification needed as listed here

    The main problem with 2.1 on pre- is that pre gets buggy and not friendly over time.
    My request: is it possible to port system files from 2.1 to 1.4.5??
    also does anyone can recommend any developer who can ?
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    Now, RTL could be already in 1.4.5 .... Question is how to make the libwebcore in 1.4.5 shows Arabic glyphs.

    I know that it showed Hebrew glyphs with no problem ...

    You can basically disassemble the library and look the Source Code released by Palm and hope you can make a small idea where does the glyphs of Arabic get destroyed or zero'ed out.

    Sorry for the bump.

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