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    I searched around for this issue but didn't locate anyone else having this issue.

    On my Pre- 1.4.5 I have a contact in my address book that when contact A sends a text or calls me my Pre actually shows it coming from contact B! My daughter has the exact same thing happening on her Pre only not with the same contacts as I. Has anyone else been having this problem? It's only been going on for a few weeks now and I haven't added any patches in like forever because everthing now either is written for 2.x or conflicts with Sconix wonderful world of Super Patches!
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    i have it whenever O2 sends me a text it sends it registered as the last person who texted me, which it didn't do in 1.4.5..... i don't have a mixing of my contacts though....
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    I had that problem with 2.0.1 on my pre 2. It would sort SMS from unknown contacts into the wrong conversations.

    As a workaround try to add the O2 numbers to your contacts.

    Support told me to reset the phone with the doctor. Never tried it though, it was fixed in 2.1.


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