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    So theres been a lot of talk recently about HP's so-called "Music Synergy" that would bring together all of your music into a cohesive experience, and i started thinking about what else HP should be connecting together into a Synergy experience, and an idea popped into my head that I think is relatively interesting and i wanted to know other people's feelings on it.

    Gaming Synergy, powered by Steam.

    I know it sounds crazy at first, but think this out- there are two companies who are large enough and influential enough in the PC market to get serious traction from software companies, with one being Microsoft (obviously) and the other being HP. Everyone has their own gaming networks for mobile platforms now- Microsoft has XBOX Live, Apple has Game Center, and now Android will have PlayStation Suite. I think that for a lot of people, these are huge selling points, and social games have really taken off in the past year. HP will eventually need a competing solution, and i think that with the right amount of incentives, HP could push Valve into getting this done. and more so than any other OS, webOS could completely leverage the power of a service like this being always on and completely integrated. It is also known that the Steam network is flexible enough to support expansion into a 3rd party platform, as witnessed by Valve's support for Mac and more recently PS3 and PC crossplay in Portal 2. The value of having such a powerful network behind webOS gaming would not only be a huge attraction for developers, but also for consumers- most anyone know knows much about gaming is familiar with Steam, or at the very least one of Valve's games.

    In addition, to go along with this, i dont think it is so unreasonable to picture Valve porting the Source engine in some way to webOS (assuming a deal like this were to go through). Unreal Engine has already been ported to iOS, along with Unity and plenty of others to both Android and iOS, so its not so crazy to think some version of Source could get ported to webOS. This again would be a massive attraction for developers, and it would lead to some really high quality gaming experiences.

    Of course, this is wild speculation and likely wont ever happen, but i dont think its so unreasonable. HP- make it happen.

    To finish, i will leave you with this image- playing the Portal 2 co-op campaign on your TouchPad with your buddy who is playing on his PC.
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    Sounds like a great idea, and I'm not even up to snuff on the gaming context you describe.
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    It's a good idea, but Steam is generally used by more hardcore gamers, and only a handful of people do hardcore gaming on mobile devices...
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    While this is true, i would say the vast majority of XBOX Live and PSN (when it works) users are more hardcore gamers. However, we have seen both XBL and PSN scale down to the turn-based and co-op levels (especially when dealing with XBL Arcade and PSN Minis), and while i dont use Steam much personally (my computer cant run most games), id have to imagine the same is true. I think the most important part, however, is the physical foundation itself- maybe a 32-person team deathmatch isnt practical for a tablet or phone divice, but a race against your friend in Asphalt or a game of Words With Friends online does make a whole ton of sense, and currently webOS has no easy way to accomplish that aside from building your own online network.

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