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    I thought i knew all of the gestures in webos. Tonight i discovered a new one, for me anyway. I'm running 2.1, so i can't say if this is in 1.4.5 as well.

    I know to go to card view you can swipe from the center up, and swipe from center up again to get the launcher. What i discovered is if you do a two finger swipe up it goes to card view and launcher in one gesture!

    with a card in focus (maximized, if you will), i swipe up from the gesture area with both thumbs at the same time. It goes to card view, then launcher.

    Is this new, or am i just behind the curve on this one?
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    Its not working on a 1.4.5 pixi, must be new
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    yep, thay works on my 2.0.1 phone.
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    Works on my 2.1 phone. Cool!
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    is this only on 2.1 or is it on 2.0 as well?
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    I suggest PC make a video of this new gesture and post it on front page
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    COOL, it works on my 2.1 Sprint Pre-!!
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    It works. Nice find!
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    just found two more new gestures in 2.1:

    in the Browser:

    1. Two finger swipe to the right to bring up bookmarks
    2. Two finger swipe to left to bring up history.

    Edit: Nevermind, this is from a patch.
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    Nice find, this is pretty useful! Saves a double swipe to get to launcher from in card view for those of us who don't use the quick bar...
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    Very nice find!
    Thanks for sharing!
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    Awesome find! I think I'll be using this instead of the wave bar when I want to open the launcher from within an app in the future
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    i like this. More 2 fingered gestures!
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    Very nice! I'll try to remember that

    I sincerely hope that this is the way HP wants to make up for the lack of a gesture bar on the TouchPad. Just do two/three finger gestures. That would be rather easy to do.

    If HP fails to deliver that, I'm hopeful the community will bring this idea to life
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    Yep, not a 1.4.5 thing - doesn't work on my Pre-
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    Works for me, very nice!
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