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    How come it seems like webos 2.0.1 is going to be a lone island in the sea of webos version?

    No app catalog update, no updates from verizon, so many issues with the app catalog, what is going on here?
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    I think because nobody was supposed to get it. I upgraded to 2.1 and aside from occasional glitches and sluggishness I am okay with it. Any particular reason you're running 2.0.1 ?
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    I'm on a verizon pre 2.
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    me too, vzw is holding me hostage.
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    Not that I'd necessarily recommend it depending on how confident you are in your abilities since it is a pretty complicated process (made relatively easy by the guys at webos internals, but still complicated for people who arn't comfortable with linux), but you do have the option of getting webos 2.1 using the webos-internals tools. I think you can for the verizon pre 2 at least. So in that regard, you are not totally held hostage. Its like being in a minimum security prison instead of maximum.
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    It's not really that hard and to me, 2.1 is working GREAT on my Verizon Pre 2. Read the third and fourth pages of this thread and I posted how to do it. Basically, you use the meta-doctor procedure for puttting 2.1 on your Pre Plus. However, I used the script on page 3 of this thread and it is great. The main benefit for me was the email issue with not being able to see the email body on the pop accounts. Also, it seemed to fix the sms delay when sending a text. No skype, but flash is already in the Web. So I recommend putting 2.1 on your Pre 2.
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    Skype is a necessity for me. Get on it Verizon!
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    Verizon, where are you?!!!!

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