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    HI all,

    I n this review of the Playbook, I found a very positive paragraph on webOS it's very upbeat and RIM/BB/Playbook better watch out.

    Please go to the link for the entire review.

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    Blackberry PlayBook: Rough Roads Ahead For RIM

    Ryan Vetter, liquidpubs, Apr. 27, 2011, 5:41 AM

    Read more: Blackberry PlayBook: Rough Roads Ahead For RIM

    Blackberry PlayBook: Rough Roads Ahead For RIM

    Since webOS is so refined, with the TouchPad having an excellent aesthetic, and since HP-Palm is going after not just consumers, but the 'business market' (RIM's territory), all indications point to the TouchPad soaking up precious marketshare away from the PlayBook. Not only that, but HP-Palm's flagship smartphone, the Palm Pre 3, is set for release about the same time as the TouchPad is going to launch. Since HP-Palm is heavily focused on the business market with its Pre 3, the combination of the Pre 3 and TouchPad on the market will likely cause some BlackBerry users to jump ship onto webOS.
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    Interesting and thanks. Sorli...
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    RIM may be trying to copy the UI, but only webOS on the Touchpad can do it right. At least we've seen email work on it untethered...

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