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    Hi all,

    this is a lengthy and little rambling, (I have the nerve to say that about some else's writing but I don't write for a living, LOL).

    Is the race for tablet supremacy already over? Many developers think so.

    Posted by conradb212 at April 26, 2011 09:03 PM

    RuggedPCReview Blog: Is the race for tablet supremacy already over? Many developers think so.

    However the important part for all of us webOS fans is as follows:

    And where does that leave HP and RIM? HP recently made noises about offering WebOS on a whole range of devices. The HP TouchPad will run WebOS, WebOS has had mostly good reviews when Palm introduced it for its smartphones a couple of years ago, and HP certainly has deep enough pockets to make an impact. Palm/HP never sent us a Palm Pre or Pixi for review and I wasn't about to sign up for a 2-year telco contract just to review a Pre in detail, but from what I can tell, WebOS excels at something that is just a pain on the iPad--multitasking. The lack of useful multitasking is the one thing that keeps me from using my iPad for more than I already use it for, and the sole reason why I still take my MacBook Pro on business trips.

    As long as webOS can run circles around other OS HP has a major weapon in it's arsenal. Take care,

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    I say its all up to the marketing. Droid is just programmed into peoples heads by marketing to think its the "cool" thing, and same for Apple, they just make you think, wow thats cool "i want to have that". If HP can manage to make webOS appealing w/ marketing then they'll have a chance I think. And people have to know how to access features, or else it isn't as cool to use to the average user. I've converted about 4 people to Sprint Palm Pre's by showing its features and coolness factor, lets just hope they can do that in a BIG scale.
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    It's absolutely all about the marketing. And people don't care about how well it multitasks, or any of that. If WebOS is going to sell, HP has to make it cool, and it has to make people think they will be cool for using it. Sad, but Apple would not be where it is today if it wasn't true.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    I agree -- marketing, marketing, marketing.....

    It just can't be viral marketing by users. How many people can you personally impact and have them decide to go with a Pre or TouchPad? 5? 10? Let's go with that high number of 10 -- that would only increase market share by a factor of 10, but that assumes EVERYONE does that.

    Here's the problem though, you don't just become "cool" because you say you want to be like Apotheker tried doing (Apotheker: HP to ship products within weeks of announcement, wants to sit at the cool kids table | | The #1 Palm Pre and Pixi Community).

    Let's face it, you become "cool" by delivering on the goods, getting good reviews and sparking interest. So far HP has missed the boat on ALL of these!!
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    Another vote for marketing. I talk with a lot of people about their cell phone choices and it always leaves me scratching my head at the end of the conversation. Most are unable to give me a reason for their choice, they just shrug and said its because someone they know has one.


    PS: Without the marketing I think developers are NOT going to write the needed apps everyone wants.
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    You're all wrong.
    It has to do with Marketing.
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    Marketing WITH important apps.
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/

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