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    Will this affect any of your future purchasing decisions? The n was at least 2,000 for each of these questions.

    Source: Now available: Appcelerator/IDC Q2 Mobile Developer Report | Appcelerator

    % of developers "very interested" in developing for each platform:
    TouchPad: 17% (8th place)
    webOS Phone: 12% (9th place)

    Only Symbian and Meego ranked lower.

    A question asked "Which announcement will make the most impact in successfully competing against Apple and Google?"
    14% answered HP TouchPad announcement. This ranked 4th out of 4 choices. The Microsoft & Nokia partnership and the RIM & Android support for the Playbook took the overwhelming majority of votes.
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    That's rough. This year over year chart:

    indicates that, despite HP making a lot of noise about the relaunch of webOS, nobody really cares enough to want to develop for it.
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    So far the market for webOS is so small, frankly, I'm surprised the numbers are this big! Until more devices get out and the market starts growing, I don't expect developers to start showing up on their own.

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