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    I'm on a mac and it was practically impossible to conveniently snych music, videos, photos and especially audiobooks with WebOS devices. DoubleTwist is a joke. Really bad software quality. Salling Media Synch seems to work, but is rather expensive for what it does.

    Switching from iTunes to Banshee or Songbird isn't really an alternative if you want to stay in Apple's eco system.

    Is there anything new on the market, perhaps _the_ solution for the mac? Or should I just go ahead and buy Salling Media Synch?
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    I don't know Apple PCs too well, but can't you simply copy your files over? I still find that to be the easiest and most comfortable way of "synching" media.
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    Yeah, copying files is extremely easy. I certainly wouldn't pay money to do it another way.
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    Wow, this looks very nicely done. Thanks a lot.

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