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    Hey, I only said I'd jump ship. I never said anything about deserting the fleet >_>

    So my old man has become fed up with his old Sony-Ericsson flip phone and wants a phone that lets him do "email, internet and navigation, that's all", specifically "for cheap", with a side-order of "I'll have to be able to use it, though!". One quick demonstration of my Pre later, he offered to buy it off me for a hundred euros. Fair enough for me!

    I now ordered a brand new Pre Plus for 175e to tide me over until my Pre is paid off in November so it's a win-win situation because he's getting a phone that will let him do what he wants to do (internet on the go) for 100e while I'm getting a phone that will let me do what I want to do (webOS 2 ftw) for 75e. I'm gladly paying 75e just to be able to use webOS 2 for half a year - I had it for a while on my Pre and it was absolutely an insect's leg joints.

    Is anyone else planning to finally leave the terrible, atrocious wasteland of webOS to depart for the greener, juicier pastures of webOS?
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    did you have an option to get a Pre2? It's an amazing step up.
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    Kinda-ish. I could've gotten a Pre2, but it would've had QWERTY (as opposed to QWERTZ, which I'm used to) and would've been more than twice as expensive as the Plus so I figured the Plus is gonna tide me over just fine until I get the Pre3.
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    As soon as the Pre3 is available I'm dumping my Pre+
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    I guess you could say that I dumped my Sprint Pre -- it has gone to a new home to be used as a developer's device. My Pre 2 is my main phone now. Not on contract, so I am ready for the Pre 3.
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    OH that's right, your Pre Plusses get 2.1, while the Pre Plusses for those of us in the States are stuck on 1.4.5. Why, Palm, why...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsanchez1 View Post
    Why, carriers, why...
    Fixed it for you. HP obviously wants the Plus to have 2.1 or they wouldn't have released it.
    They have no power over greedy carriers deciding they're better served forcing users to buy a new phone as opposed to providing their existing phone with an update.

    Even though I'm in Germany, where carriers never attained such a powerful position in the market, I really hope HP will be able to strike out fairer deals with US carriers in the future - including OTA updates pushed from HP servers when HP sees fit, and not from carrier servers half a year later.

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