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    I have a Pixi Plus with 1.4.5 on Page Plus with 100mb a month. My data use will be pretty minimal. I know from my Nokia phones that it will easily fit within my 100mb/month limit.

    Can WebOS's data overhead be turned down enough to make this plan work?

    Here is what I would like to do:

    Check my paid Yahoo mail and import the contacts I have there. Sync the contacts occasionally (can wait for a WiFi connection) just so I can maintain them through the Yahoo interface on my computer.

    Once in a while look at a web site or Google Maps or send an MMS.

    I don't want to keep 3G data turned off all the time. Besides the hassle of turning it on and off, I don't want some stealthy Synergy task hitting me up for a few megabytes in the background when I think I'm just checking the weather.

    This is what I've done so far:
    Disabled backups
    Minimized logging
    Removed the execute flag from the four nightly upload files
    Installed Preware and netstat

    What else should I do? Do I have to remove my Yahoo email account from Contacts and reenter everything from scratch?
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    Well, a few of things:

    1. There are patches that put turning the data radio on and off in the top right Device Menu. So it's two taps away at all times.

    2. Yahoo contacts sync from Yahoo, but not to Yahoo. I don't think they sync that often, however, there is a Sync Now button that you can press if you alter a contact at a place where you have wi-fi.

    3. MMS uses data. If you get pictures in text messages a lot, this adds up.

    4. You can also install Mode switcher and set up a mode to turn on 3g automatically (when you turn on the screen for example and off when you turn it off).

    5. Go to mobile pages as much as possible. With that said, because the Pre has a webkit browser, mobile pages for it (well, designed really for the iPhone, but have had a webOS flag added to it) will contain more information than mobile pages for a Nokia phone.

    6. From my understanding, much of Google Maps resides on a server and not on your phone, so it will use data when you use it.

    I think you can do it, but I would be vigilant about what I have connecting to the internet in the background and how often (email, twitter, facebook, etc).
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    I don't think you will have any issues. I have a Pixi+ with a 150mb ($14.99/month). I haven't done anything special except use wifi for web browsing. I have yet to go over 100mb. I do keep track by utilizing netstat (homebrew app).
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    you could also try turning off backup or manually syncing it when on a wireless network every day.
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    I have a Pre+ with a 150MB plan, and for me leaving 3G on is not worth the risk. The overage fees are VERY high. Plus, i like having system backups and things like that.

    Instead i use Quick System Tasks to easily toggle radios. I keep it on the quick launch bar, which means radios are 1 swipe away at all times.

    Othe people's suggestions to use Mode Switcher are good. If you haven't looked at that app before you should check it out.
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    I almost managed to get under 200 MB the first month I had my Pre... I think I was at 140 MB of usage on the last day of the bill cycle and then decided to watch two youtube videos which bumped me to 207 MB... sigh...
    anyways, I did this visiting 1-2 web pages daily, downloading apps over wi-Fi, and watching data consumption like a hawk.
    I did, however, remain signed into Gmail and chat frequently, as well as setting the email client to check 'as items arrive'.
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    I switched from my Sprint Pre to a Pre 2 on ATT a couple of months ago. I chose the 2 GB data plan over the 200 MG plan to be safe but I thought that I might not exceed 200 MG because I am not a heavy user. I just received my first regular bill -- 197 MB data with only a few minutes of surfing a day and receiving a few emails daily.

    I started using Mode Switcher a couple of weeks ago, more to save battery than data use. My home setting is to detect my home wifi and then turn off data. It will be interesting to see what difference this makes in data use on the next bill.
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    Mode switcher seems like your best bet. You can configure your phone to only enable 3g when you need it. otherwise with everything youve already done. You shud def be safe.
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    i've never used this mode switcher. I'll have to check it out. It sounds like if i set it up to detect a few wifi networks, it'll turn on my 3g on and off based on those?

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