So I have been using webos 2.1 on a Franken Pre for a few days now and sometimes I wish I could ask palm why or how they decided on some of the new features and changes they made.

Phone App:

Boy I wish I could have my dark green phone app back, it was bold and easy to read. White against light blue does not do it for me, not on my most important app. And what is that new sound when I press the keys, is this a phone or a flute. By the way, if you try to play some music on it, back swipe clears the digits.

Stacks and Cards:

Stacks are great but I wish I had minicards and stacks. That said, why is it that a new card opens to the right of the centered card. I find myself constantly having to move the newest one to the left. Since we count from left to right the new one should be the number one card not the number two, very disorienting to me.

Back to the minicards thing, if we had it maybe it would be possible to rearrange whole stacks, would be nice.

Exhibition Mode:

The default is totally useless to me. Hopefully developers can do something with it. The calender has that white against light blue thing going on again, (maybe they are taking this cloud thing a little too far) and it is ugly with the square corners when everything else had round corners, and no interaction with the calender. The time display is not centered, like it is making room for something else. Notifications I guess, but it looks weird when there are none.

Alert Noise:

Way too subdued. I put the phone on the touchstone and unless the room is completely quite I dont hear the sound, I need a distinct and loud sound to make me know I the phone is charging without having to look for the little lightening bolt. They had it right when they first released the pre and they had to change it, for the worse in my opinion.

Lack of Options:

Boy, that quick launch bar is annoying in card view. I wonder how hard it would be to make it so we can have an option to have the quick launch bar or not, especially since this is webos and we have a wave launcher. Same for just type but it doesn't bother me as much.

Thats it for now, still number one supporter/defender of webos.